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Cuban music's relatively recent resurgence on the international stage is, in large part, thanks to Juan de Marcos González. The guitarist, percussionist and singer was at the helm of two bestselling Cuban ensembles: Buena Vista Social Club and Afro-Cuban All Stars. For the latter, he assembled a dream team of musicians, many of whom were coaxed out of retirement. In 1997, the ensemble recorded their first release, A Toda Cuba Le Gusta, featuring a rich repertoire of Latin dance music such as salsa, rumba and bolero. The album earned a Grammy nomination the following year. In 2005, the All Stars released Step Forward.


The Afro-Cuban All Stars, a multi-generational orchestra led by Juan de Marcos, the visionary behind the Buena Vista Social Club albums, takes its inspiration from the classic montuno sound as much as from contemporary timba, guajira and Afro-Cuban jazz. Yes: it's the perfect dance-music machine! With Marcos, the "Quincy Jones of Cuba", this popular orchestra is a worthy representative of the richness, diversity and vitality of traditional and contemporary Cuban music.



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