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ALL THAT! is a performance clogging ensemble made up five percussive dance masters. For years, these five battled it out on the competition stage until they decided to join forces for the purpose of promoting clogging to the fullest. ALL THAT! brings them together to display an untouchable level of talent.

Each dancer brings years of skill and experience along with his own unique style. These five guys from three different states represent the present and future of percussive dancing and are an absolute pleasure to watch. They’ve been praised by such notables as Howard Stern, Sharon Stone, Howie Mandel, Pierce Morgan, David Hasselhoff, M.C. Hammer, Brandy, and Carmen Electra to name a few.

They gained international recognition by their appearance on NBC’s hottest dance show “America’s Got Talent”. Catch their high energy act as they tour the country promoting contemporary percussive dance!

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