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Anacaona, internationally know recording artist is based out of Havana, Cuba. Fourteen, who cultivate the popular music by mixing the most traditional rhythms, with the Contemporary Cuban music, make up the internationally known recording artists ANACAONA. Known in Cuba as “Las Malatisimas del Sabor”, ANACAONA is nowadays regarded as one of the major performers of the “salsa” music, highlighted by its sonority that makes it well distinguishable and welcome both by the critics and the dancers throughout Cuba and various countries.

The Orchestra, founded by Concepcion Castro in 1932, was by that time the first Cuban Son-female Septet that later on turned into a jazz-band format and typical-charanga orchestras. Its followers; musicians with a solid professional training - have been able to create a style combining the tradition and modernity by keeping and enhancing ANACAONA’s history of more than 70-years old continued work. One of ANACAONA’S original members included Grammy Award Winning artist Omara Portuondo from the award winning Buena Vista Social Club.

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