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D  J     M   A   T   I   C

DJ Matic's interest in DJ'ing rose from his cultural exposure to music. From a young age he enjoyed collecting music and always being first to know about the release of new songs. When a close friend introduced him to a couple of DJ programs, Matic would try his talent at school events. As his interest in the craft perfected itself, his passion for music and how it made his audience feel, grew even stronger. His style is moreso geared toward world play, as three best ways to describe himself both as an individual and as an artist.


DJ Matic got his big break as a professional DJ when asked to play in one of Toronto's biggest clubs in 2010, the Government Night Club. From there he became one of the city's biggest current DJ's both within the city and internationally. His gigs varied from New York, to Los Angeles and even Houston. Whether it be weddings, concerts, corporate events or radio shows, DJ Matic has imprinted his craft across all platforms.


Today, DJ Matic expanded his skills by tapping further into the music industry by building his own studio. His goal is to increase his knowledge and learn the art of production and sound engineering. This has proven to be quite the successful move, as many up and coming Canadian artists have already visited No Limit Studios.

Curtis Patterson


Montreal, Quebec

Tel: +1 514 690 5559





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