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DJ Surge was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and moved to Barbados at the age of 15. The name Surge came about in 1997 as he was a big Pokemon fan and his favorite gym leader was Lt. Surge, so the name stuck. During this time DJ Surge became passionate with matching music to the animation of video games, downloading music from Lime Wire and beat matching with Windows Media Player using the pause and play on each interface without BPMs.


In 2005 DJ Surge left Montreal and moved to Barbados where he quickly made friends that were part of the local music scene doing parties at the Reggae Lounge and Club Extreme. The first genre of music he mastered was House and Soca, which led him to getting gigs here and there and in particular a party called "Euro Tuesdays". Although this was a thrilling experience he realized he needed to broaden his musical repertoire. DJ Surge withdrew himself to become more comfortable with mixing Dancehall, Hip Hop, Reggae and other styles. Since the age of 23 to this day it has only been one direction for DJ Surge.....forward! He owes it to Barbados where he’ll forever rep his Caribbean rock the 246.

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