D J    T Y    M   U   N   R   O

DJ Ty Munro is based out of Toronto, Canada and has created a name for herself on the nightclub, corporate event and festival circuit.


She love to showcase her energetic moves, dancing skills and undoubtedly her ability to read the crowd and to entertain them with flawless mixing and excellent track selection.


Her set consists of a variety styles of music from dance, pop, EDM, Hip Hop, disco, RnB and even some rock! She plays exciting sets that inspire people to be in the moment, dance, and forget the rest.


DJ Ty Munro is a consumate professional and her presentation and electrifying stage presence shine on any platform. Her goal is to bring this dynamic level of skill and personality to the music industry worldwide.


She treats each show like a unique experience and taps into the style and mood of each audience that she performs for in the moment. 


If you're looking for a truly gifted talent to get your party started DJ Ty Munro is the one for you!

Curtis Patterson


Montreal, Quebec

Tel: +1 514 690 5559


Email: curtis@entertainmentcentral.ca

Website: www.entertainmentcentral.ca