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Direct from Seoul, Korea the internationally renowned performers, “Drum Cat” whip up a frenzy of rhythm and fun! The performance is a stunning musical extravaganza of high-speed drumming combined with choreographed moves all delivered by a group of talented young ladies. They have a unique delivery style, hair flying, skin-tight cat-suits shimmering in the light, and unbelievable precision and timing.


Drum Cat are not traditional drummers, they present a show that focuses on a modernization of rhythm, combining and reinventing rock, jazz, techno and Latin rhythms into a unique blend of sound. Instead of a basic simple beat, audiences will be floored by the complex, powerful rhythms that pound forth played live along with the accompanying background soundtrack. This is a lively and vibrant show, with lots of texture and tempo changes so there's never a dull moment on stage!


The Drum Cat performance is bursting with unique rhythmical styling and emotional involvement that so often seems to categorize Korea’s most stunning musical performances. Drum Cat, a world renowned performance, is sure to continue beating its way into the hearts of audiences for ages to come.



Social Media

YouTube Presence - Over 3 Million Views!


Awards & Shows

49 City European Tour - 35,000 in Attendance

Winner: "Herald Angel Award" - Edinburgh, England

Winner: "Cavalcade Best Unit Award" - Scotland

Winner: "Performance Grand Award" - Korean Entertainment Awards

Ten Year Open Run at Myungbo Art Hall - Seoul, Korea (3 Productions)

Seoul Tourist Attraction - Seen By Over 700,000 visitors

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