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The “Duo V” was founded in 2007 with the aim of uniting the work areas of the two artists in a professional and aesthetically attractive form. The combination of acrobatics and solo musical performance is

unique in its manner. The “Duo V” tells a love story between two artists – Viktor and Mariana

are a couple off stage, as well – and also comprises the rapprochement and fusion of two

art forms, music and acrobatics. The result is a performance full

of passion andsensuality.


The powerful corporeality of the Ukrainian acrobat Viktor fits seamlessly with his partner’s beautiful

viola playing, which takes up his flowing motions. In a symbiosis between body and sound,

strength and smoothness, the two artists are subsumed in each other and sweep the

audienceaway in this spectacle of the senses. Like a siren, Mariana uses her viola

to lure her masculine counterpart,provides the tact for his movement, and, with

the gentleness of her sounds, makes his difficult, strenuous figures seem effortless,

as if he were floating on the tones she produces.


In return, she is carried along by the stream of his movements, which give her playing the character

of an acting performance. They are able to touch the viewer

with their elegance and grace.



Curtis Patterson

Entertainment Central

Montreal, Quebec

Tel: +1 514 690 5559



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