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They say that somewhere in the world there is someone who looks exactly like you, a perfect double. Most of us will never know who that person is but E’CASANOVA does and that likeness has garnered him recognition as the World’s Greatest Tribute Artist. On stage CAS pays homage to the King of Pop Michael Jackson and has thrilled sell-out audiences around the world with the same powerful music, dance and special effects as the legendary musical icon.

​“I don’t eat, drink, and sleep Michael Jackson, nor do I think I’m him,”says E'CASANOVA, “I’m not an impersonator. That’s a word I reject. I’m an actor playing a part.” But when E’CASANOVA is playing that part, jaws drop, goose bumps form, and faces turn white as he delivers the most compelling and authentic rendition of Michael Jackson the world has ever seen. Audiences become mesmerized as he brings the essence of The King of Pop to life right in front of their eyes. Critics around the world readily admit to the astounding resemblance portrayed in his tribute show.

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