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"Inspired by the Cuban musical production Tambores en Concierto"


HAVANA MAMBO! - TV Docu-Series



The twists, turns and drama to mount Cuba’s premiere dance production.



Performance Docu-Series 8x60 mins episodes.



Havana, Cuba / Montreal, Canada / Various U.S. Cities (TBD).





HAVANA MAMBO! is a high performance docu-series of a behind the scenes look of the creation of a brand new Cuban dance production based out of Havana. Our story follows Host (TBD) through a compelling and engaging inside look into this production will follow the day to day life and work schedule of the stars of the show and key creative personnel in preparation for its first ever tour to the United States at a time when Cuba’s doors are re-opening.


The enchanted world of this Cuban production unfolds in an open-air amphitheater, surrounded by lush tropical rainforest in the heart of Havana, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and under the stars. Until recently, this pride of Cuba culture had remained hidden from the United States by a trade embargo that has lasted almost a half-century. But now, by reinventing itself with this brand new production, the show will reach out to the world, doing something that has never been done before.


For the show’s creative team, time is of the essence. The debut of the new production in the United States is less than a year away. Preparations are underway but are going slow. Shipment for the fabric and accessories are coming from Montreal, Canada and are delayed as the designers have requested items that are hard to come by. To add to this, resources are tight and the current show has to keep going which plays to over 250,000 foreign tourists a year. The producers must do whatever it takes to keep things moving forward because the show must go on.


Let’s get ready to Mambo, Salsa, and Meringue. It’s ShowTime!



HAVANA MAMBO! is a magical journey into the clandestine world of the legendary Cuban production show, “Tambores en Concierto”. A staple of Cuban Culture, this production performs in a breathtaking open-air amphitheater surrounded by a lush tropical rainforest which opened its doors on New Year’s Eve 1939.


Nestled in the heart of Havana Cuba, The cabaret soon gained the reputation of the Vegas of the Caribbean attracting such renowned stars such as Nat King Cole, Josephine Baker, Celia Cruz, Carmen Miranda, Liberace, Omara Portuondo (Buena Vista Social Club), and Marlene Dietrich. Then, in the late 1950’s, a people’s revolution led by Fidel Castro came to be and a subsequent trade embargo was imposed on Cuba by the United States in 1960. Now some 50 years later, the show is getting a “facelift” so to speak just in time to share with the world through an historic tour of the United States just as the relationship between the two countries is easing and the lifting of the embargo is inevitable.


Our Host and guide through this spectacular world of a Cuban production will take the viewers on a journey revealing the humble beginnings of the creative personnel behind the Cuban productions gaining never before seen access and unique insight of how this beautiful exotic Latin experience has overcome adversity to stand the tests of time.


The viewers will meet the Artistic Director of the show and see how a production of this kind is born from an initial idea and concept and the on-going changes that evolve over the course the Docu-series. We’ll follow the young dancers, vocalists and musicians through their trials, tribulations and the pressure they encounter to be the best that they can be and ultimately keep their jobs. The viewer will be given an in-depth insight of how the Costume Designers creative minds work to come up with one of a kind spectacular designs and the tedious work involved in the manufacturing process. The technicians and crew, the foundation of any production of this magnitude, will be brought to the forefront to highlight their contribution to the production.


As the deadline for the new production’s American debut draws near, creative heads collide; there are disagreements, challenges and the burning desire to outdo previous creations. It’s a daunting task for a production show with over 150 performers and crew and another show running. New routines are scrutinized, re-worked and rehearsed; hundreds of elaborate costumes are sewn by hand from the finest fabric and accessories imported from around the world. At the same time, the current show Tambores en Concierto continues to run 7 days a week, 365 days a year, performers and crew, on stage and behind the scenes creating a continuous living, breathing work of art. We’ll learn what it takes to create one of the greatest live shows on earth; who the players are and what inspires their performance. Will they make it? How will they be received? They’ll have just one shot, one crack at being part of making history.

HAVANA MAMBO!, examines the difficulties and pressures of mounting a new show and maintaining the reputation for entertainment excellence incorporating glamour, glitz, humour, drama and passion unlike your typical documentary series. From creator to singer, choreographer to designer, production is treated like it is the first but never the last. Meet some of Cuba’s finest artists, past and present that started their careers and/or performed at the Cuban Cabaret which will include legends like; Omara Portuondo (Buena Vista Social Club), Afro-Cuban jazz pianist Chucho Valdes (5 Grammy and 3 Latin Grammy Awards) and Salsa recording artists; Los Van Van and Halia (both Latin Grammy Award recipients), Adalberto Alvarez, Charanga Habanera and more!




HAVANA MAMBO! is an hour weekly multi-camera program shot and finished on HD. We follow the creative heads and artists through their day to day life and schedule. Each Episode will begin with a short intro collage of performance and behind the scenes footage with a catchy Latin theme song. At the end of the intro, we will start with the Host or a creative team member of the show either at the Cuban cabaret or production office. Some shots will begin with an artist at home or during days off and a night out in Havana.




Shot mainly in Havana and a few scenes in Montreal, HAVANA MAMBO! will feature 2 different looks.


The FIRST look is from the CREATIVE STAFF / HOST CAM. This camera essentially follows the Creative Staff and Host everywhere they go. It will be docu-style, gritty, and very candid to enhance each person true personality. Creative Staff / Host Cam sees what happens when the lights are off so to speak, behind the scenes of the behind the scenes. During interviews and presentations, the camera captures faux pas from non-traditional angles and exposures (i.e. we see through the camera as they are setting up to do an interview).


The SECOND look will be the PERFORMANCE CAM. This will be the look for all performances and will involve multiple cameras. All performances will be shot cinematically, with very wide, epic shots to capture the grandeur of the show. A similar style will be used for “scenic Cuba and Havana” using drones, Steadicam, and car mounts. Lots of vibrant colors here. Stylized, aerial, and high concept shots of this epic performance will enhance the glamour of the show.




HAVANA MAMBO! will feature a blend of the old and the new enhancing the longevity and historical significance of this ground-breaking show. The latest and most popular blends of Latin and Urban music will provide a cross marketing appeal to the masses and deliver a sizzlin' soundtrack like no other.




EP 1 – The intro of characters, HOST meets with the ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, COSTUME DESIGNER, MUSICAL DIRECTOR, LEAD FEMALE DANCER and VOCALIST to discuss the new show and U.S. Tour.


EP 2 – ARTISITC DIRECTOR AND CHOREOGRAPHER --- the struggles with his vision and where he wants to take the show, some may not see eye to eye with him.




EP 4 – COSTUME DESIGNERS. Costumes can take up to a year to make as they’ve been focusing on the LEAD/BACKUP DANCERS and MODELS




EP 6 – ARTISTIC DIRECTOR & CHOREOGRAPHER. As a result of what he sees in the production, be it something that doesn’t work, he decides to make a change that others may or may not like.




EP 8 – THE FINAL DRESS REHEARSAL. Everyone in the touring cast say their goodbyes and heads for the Havana airport and departs.


END CREDITS with clips of them arriving in the United States. (Acquire clips the from the debut show).






SEASON 2 – TOUR IN THE UNITED STATES – While the original show keeps running in Cuba.




Live Performance


Invited Guests To The Live Show in Havana


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