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1957...End of a typical New Year’s Eve, when the fashion of the period was Glamour! Vibrant life in the tenement houses, the varicoloured streets full of Cuban liveliness and warmth of its residents represented by characters finally come together in a bar, where Havana’s social nights are recreated, with the splendour and decline of yesterday up to today’s nostalgia.


Artistic Director and Choreographer Nilda Guerra had created a movement of dynamic and various dance styles which are fused together with the musical richness of the era harmonically converging with the lines and colours of a vibrant city. The choreography and the dancers will nurture from real stories of the time, gossips on social magazines, variety shows and showbiz shows. The famous “yellow pages” that told street stories (everyday stories) with a great sense of humour, tales that our grannies passed on to us, events that were the spark off an era, some of them with a political character and that journalists and songwriters craftily found a cunning way around to tell without being offensive. This would be the root of where the Cuban double meaning in dancing and singing are from.

A show that is not rooted in the codes of the musical, or offers any spoken texts, dance and music, are the only responsible ones to reach the audience in a suggestive way. The stories in our script would serve as just a mere evidence of the background that the dancer searches for, his/her truth.

Curtis Patterson

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