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1957...End of a typical New Year’s Eve, when the fashion of the period was Glamour! Vibrant life in the tenement houses, the varicoloured streets full of Cuban liveliness and warmth of its residents represented by characters finally come together in a bar, where Havana’s social nights are recreated, with the splendour and decline of yesterday up to today’s nostalgia.


Artistic Director and Choreographer Nilda Guerra (Founder of Havana Rakatan Co.) has created a movement of dynamic and various dance styles which are fused together with the musical richness of the era harmonically converging with the lines and colours of a vibrant city. The choreography and the dancers will nurture from real stories of the time, gossips on social magazines and variety shows.


Set to live music courtesy of Cuba's well-known Son band Turquino and female vocalist Geidy Chapman Salomon, Havana Social Nights, consisting of a cast of 23 performers, is a captivating journey through the dance and music of a truly unique country. Jazz, Mambo, Bolero, Son, Cha-cha-cha, Rumba and Salsa all come alive in a dazzling dance display of Cuban passion 0that burst from the stage in Havana Social Nights!

Curtis Patterson

(Exclusive Representative)


Montreal, Quebec

Tel: +1 514 690 5559


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