I   L   L   U   M   I   N   A   I   R   E

Illuminaire is without doubt the world's most spectacular fire and light show, but it is so much more, it incorporates; live drumming, lasers, projections, acrobatics, gymnastics, dance and the most incredible circus acts all within one show. Illuminaire is the bringing together of all types of light and is a celebration of visual entertainment.


Whether it be blacklight, pyrotechnics, fire, laser and every type and style of light is represented in vibrant colour. We have made this world-class show in a flexible modular format for use with every type of stage and event. The show can be either 45 minutes or 90 minutes, it can have 15 artists or 30. We can add additional drummers, live violin, pyrotechnics, low fog and many other additions if the scope and the budget of the event permits.


Illuminaire is a show that everyone can and will enjoy. It has so much wonderfully powerful visual material and extraordinary feats of human endeavour that the audience cannot fail to be impressed. This is a show you can see again and again. It is without doubt the show for the twenty first century!

Curtis Patterson

(Exclusive Representative)


Montreal, Quebec

Tel: +1 514 690 5559


curtis@entertainmentcentral.ca        www.entertainmentcentral.ca