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Well come to Jambo Acrobats international art troupe from east African Kenya .This troupe raised from Kenya coast of Malindi.


They have been performing at the show at beach hotels and resorts, theme parks, theaters, casinos and circuses. The show consists of; high energy human pyramids, limbo fire, hoop diving, fire eating, single and double rope skipping, juggling, balances and the African drummers and dances. Can be performed at any venue and from a little as 5 min. to a 45 minutes non stop live stage show of acrobats drums and dancing.


The show was originated from African styles with Jambo Acrobats combining their presentation with Chinese acrobats at Chime long International Circus and Paradise Theme park. It's a really amazing and high energy troupe of African talents. Jambo


Acrobats will ensure that your audience will have an unforgettable experience!

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