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Born in Montreal Canada, this talented singer/songwriter has been singing since age five. At age six, she began piano lessons and continued for eleven years before turning her attention towards becoming a vocalist. Music and singing have always come naturally to her; talents that she has been blessed with, along with an incredibly accurate ear. Her love for rich harmonies and the blending of voices inspired her to join a Gospel choir as a teenager.


As a lead vocalist (Soprano) of the Umoja Gospel choir, Jewelle’s interpretation of songs by Karen Clarke-Sheard left audiences awestruck. How did such a small frame house such a powerful voice! She has performed at the Maximum Blues Festival in Carleton Quebec, the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, and for the National Film Board of Canada.


Jewelle has also performed at Montreal’s International Jazz Festival Special Edition Celebration with OliverJones (Millennium Concert), and at the Martin Luther King Achievement Awards.

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