Phoenix Creative the home of the production "Phoenix Fire" is a company that for the last twenty years has led the way in putting the ‘Wow’ back into entertainment. Specialising in Fire & Pyro, LED & laser shows, as well as many other disciplines. Phoenix constantly pushes the boundaries of entertainment, inventing new forms of production and initiating original ways of presentation.

Based in Vienna, Austria (& Cancun, Mexico), the Phoenix repertoire has included some of the most prestigious events: Launch of the Euro, G-20 Summit, Superbowl, Dubai World Cup, European games closing ceremony, among others. Phoenix have performed for nearly every major corporation on all five continents and are considered world leaders in Fire, LED, Blacklight, Percussion and Show Spectaculars.

Phoenix has also produced several theatrical productions that have seen great success in Europe, the United States, Mexico and the Middle East. This combination of both a theatrical and corporate background has made them flexible and adaptable partner in any customised shows or productions.



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