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Making her UK debut at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018, talented Russian sand artist Irina Titova will take audiences on a journey ‘Around the World in 80 Pictures’, at 12 noon from 1st until 16th August (60mins) at Gilded Balloon at the Museum. 


In a performance based on Jules Verne’s classic novel ‘Around The World in 80 Days’, with a recorded narration by a famous Scottish actor and a wide-ranging soundtrack that includes music by James Horner (‘Titanic’), The Doors and Ennio Morricone, Irina will be your guide on a nostalgic tour around the globe. Join Phileas Fogg and his valet Passepartout on their adventures, visit famous landmarks and see the wonders of the world and dream landscapes brought to life by millions of dancing grains of sand.      


Sand painting is an ancient, often mystical art found in many cultures from the Native American Navajo and Aboriginal Australians to Tibetan lamas and Buddhist Japan. Queen Victoria even inadvertently made the artform popular in Victorian Britain when she chose Osborne House on the Isle of Wight, close to the famous coloured sands of Alum Bay, as a family retreat. Irina is one of today’s premier sand artists and has justly earned the title ‘Queen of Sand’!


With breathtaking speed and fascinating ease, Irina’s fingers ‘dance’ in harmony with the musical soundtrack, as she creates beautiful visual stories with a magical atmosphere that has enchanted audiences around Europe. Her wonderful sand paintings appear and dissolve on a backlit glass plate, projected onto a big screen in real time, lasting only a few minutes before transforming into a new image.This extraordinary sand-animated audiobook will carry the audience away on a thrilling world tour. A show to inspire, entertain and touch the heart!

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