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Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums are a highly entertaining band from San Francisco featuring Steve Lucky's pounding piano and vocals, and the vivacious Miss Carmen Getit's vocals and guitar. Jim Moret of CNN says, "The Rhumba Bums are at the forefront of the swing revival".


It's the one-two punch of solid musicianship and charming on-stage banter that has critics and audiences alike drawn to their magnetic performances. The San Francisco Bay Guardian describes Lucky and Miss Getit as a "Perfect union of skilled and fueled merrymaking" that endears them to audiences. The addition of drums, upright bass and two saxophones results in an irresistible sound that draws fans both young and old. This band loves to entertain and has the "rock-solid musicianship" (Alternative Press) to drive folks to the dance floor. With combined sales of their debut CD "come Out Swingin'!" and several major label compilations, Steve and Carmen's rousing renditions are in the homes of over 250,000 people!


Their wide appeal, diverse repertoire and professionalism make them a natural for festivals and parties. Clients include Whoopi Goldberg, Disney, NBC TV's ERE, Paramount Pictures, Microsoft and the FOX Network's Party of Five. It's their perfect combination of great music, energy and humor that wins the crowds so consistently. With Steve's charming stage presence and the sassy vocals of the glamorous Miss Carmen Getit "Tearin' it up on her vintage hollow body guitar" (SF Bay Guardian), the Rhumba bums intrigue audiences around the world.



CBS' Good Morning America

CNN's Showbiz Today

The Music Channel

PBS's CD Highway

The Bravo Network




Nissan Motor Corporation Commercial

ABC's Port Charles

The Learning Company's computer games

ABC's General Hospital

In-Flight on United Airlines




“…(Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums) are at the forefront of the swing revival.”

Jim Moret, Showbiz, CNN


“San Francisco’s top jump-swing band”

San Francisco Weekly


“…Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums throws down revved-up blues beats with brassy outbursts…”

James Hunter, Rolling Stone


“What make the act outstanding are the humorous interactions between Lucky & Getit. Band members display rock-solid musicianship while also dressing impeccably…”  Alternative Press


“Carmen Getit wrings a mean, meaty moan from a Gibson.”   Adam Levy, Guitar Player


“During his hot piano solo the piano keys literally left the piano as his foot came upon the (piano)…”

Len Kunstadt, Blues Life Journal, Germany


“vibrant piano style that explores R&B, boogie woogie and jazz influenced blues…swinging

style that impresses…rocking slabs of ‘50’s R&B”  

Mick Rainsford, Blues & Rhythm Magazine, England




Come Out Swingin’!

Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums

Rumpus Record/Hepcat Dist.


Swing This, Baby!

Various Artist, Slimstyle Records/BMG


Swing 123

Various, Universal Music Special Markets


JAZZIZ on Disc

Various Artist, 1998, JazzIz Magazine Dist.


San Francisco Jazz Festival Volume II

Various Artist, Jazz In The City


Hipsters, Zoots & Wingtips: Volume I & III



The HiBall Lounge Sessions, Volume I

Various Artists, HiBall Records 1001 San Francisco


Ultra Swing Nouveau

Various Artists, DM Records


Got Swing?

Various, Wanna Dance Productions


Swing Time!

Various Artists, 1999, Jazzfm Records, England


Swing Sucks

Various Artist, Liberation Records


Swing On The Wild Side

Various Artists, 1999, Wolverine Records, Germany

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