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From the creators of the smash-hit dance sensation Havana Rakatan comes Vamos Cuba!, the spectacular new sizzling Broadway style production from acclaimed Cuban choreographer Nilda Guerra. The show is set in the crazy chaos of Havana airport, where families are parted, lovers reunited, and time flies when you're having fun. In a place of new beginnings and old romances, where reality calls and dreams take flight, we experience the joys and vibrancy of Cuban life with all the passion and humour that embodies the Cuban spirit.


Vamos Cuba! is an exuberant mix of traditional and modern dance styles including salsa, rumba, cha-cha-cha and reggaeton, with a live band led by Julito Padron, vocalists Geydi Chapman, Maikel Ante, a DJ and a cast of the hottest dancers Cuba has to offer. The world premiere of the show took place in London's West End.



At Havana airport the passengers of a plane that cannot take off share their stories, memories, hopes and regrets. They are stranded together in a place where, like it or not, their paths become inextricably linked, all played out through song, dance and images.


An airport porter is our guide to the characters we meet. Through him, we encounter a duty bound young doctor, the turbulent relationship between an air hostess and a pilot, a photographer trying to capture the essence of his beloved country, a failing actress seeking a change of fortune with her loyal assistant, the all-seeing all-knowing Chief of Customs and, most importantly, the porter's great love whom he stumbles across in the throng of passengers.


At the airport, the arrival and departure of flights become a metaphor for the past and present desires and dreams of many Cubans today. In their unexpected delay our protagonists share stories of love and hate, of meetings and losses, all against a backdrop of a country striving to resurrect itself after a period of momentous change. Coming from the heart and soul of its very own people, Vamos Cuba! evokes the story of a country taking off on a new journey towards the future.



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