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There's a new phenomenon playing danceable Cuban music and the name of the band is Yuly & Havana C! Their new album "Todo Lo Malo Se Va Bailando" readily marks this moment of growing success for the Orchestra, with 10 remarkably danceable tracks, starting with "Bailando", already in the first place in Cuban Hit Parades, also thanks to its wonderful video, #1 in Onda Latina and Italy.

Havana C, lead by the talented Yuly Greenidge, drums big pro and former Caribe Girls, is actually one of the most appreciated and valued Cuban Orchestras by the Salsa and Timba passionate audience, especially the youngest one. Since bassist Maikel Dinza, who helps Yuly in the artistic direction, and young singer Roly have become part of the orchestra, Havana C has been offering a super-fresh, dynamic and explosive sound. Songs like “Bailando”, “Se Terminò”, “Soy asì, soy asao” are playing over and over on discos and radios of Cuba and beyond. A much-recommended album!


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