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ACCESS, a new show in the purest tradition of Show bands. On stage, they feature the latest hits, Burning Fire, Poker Face, I Gotta Feeling and dance classics of the 90. Let yourself get carried away by breath taking musical portraits. The All Access Showband propose a high quality performance. You will be blown away by the artists versatily and the show itself, there is no doubt ! A performance that has been built on the purest of the ‘Showband’ traditions.


On stage, today’s hits, as well as the best of disco, pop and rock are performed by artists with undeniable energy and power. The latest disco, pop, and rock hits are interpreted by seven artists (three musicians and four singers) with a vitality and power unrivaled. There are numerous costume changes, choreography's and staging. You will be dazzled by the dynamic accuracy of the interpretations unlike no other show band. Let yourself be dazzled and carried away by the infectious energy of unlimited!

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