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After the great success of Bharati: Once Upon a Time India, which made more than 2.5 million spectators dream worldwide, do not miss Bharati 2: In the Palace of Illusions, journey bewitching in the country of the Gange, colored saris and Bollywood.


As in the tales of yesteryear, it is about love, friendship, deceptions, pride and even black magic. We meet a noble queen, a rebellious princess and a array of legendary characters except that the story takes place today! It is that of Bharati, professor of Indian dance in Paris, who decides to take his daughter of 17 years on the land of their ancestors. A mysterious country that they will cross by train and that will transform them forever. In The Palace of Illusions of Indraprastha, nothing is quite as it seems, and the journey turns into a true initiatory journey.


A succession of highly colorful scenes with 32 dancers, singers, musicians and acrobats on stage. A deluge of light and video images on a giant LED screen sublimate the story (also narrated live in English by the show's host), cleverly synchronizing the actors' play to offer the projection of the many facets of India: its atmosphere, landscapes, colors and ambience. Choreographies are executed with unprecedented precision. The live music is so catchy that it communicates its energy to the audience who inevitably stands up to dance, conquered by the rhythm!

Curtis Patterson

(Exclusive U.S. Representative)



Montreal, Quebec

Tel: +1 514 690 5559



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