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F R A D   A L E X A N D E R   O L I V I E R

Frad Alexander Olivier who performs under the stage name of "Oli Oli" is a singer/songwriter born in Montreal, Quebec to parents of Haitian origin.

Raised in the suburbs of Montreal, he started singing as a child and 5 years ago developed a passion and love of Afrobeat music. His cultural heritage has been an inspiration for his Neo-Soul and West African music style that has become so emblematic of his persona. 

Oli Oli will break away from the trivialities of music, and instead chooses to focus on what matters most, advocating for the expression of emotion in its purest form. For Oli Oli, music represents an all-encompassing surrender, a pledge to self-honesty. 

He has been performing professionally for the past 8 years working with various Top 40 and corporate bands throughout Quebec.


In September of 2019 he was selected as a vocalist to perform in the new production "The Beat of The Street" which premiered at the prestigious Place des Arts (Theatre Masionnueve) in Montreal. The production consisted of 42 performers and was part of a major fundraising event for the Jewish General Hospital Foundation in support of Women's Health Care Services.

​Being a hard working artists, Oli Oli is determined and dedicated to succeed with setting his goal on becoming a consummate performer introducing his sound and message to the world.




Tel: 514.575.6858

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