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The Freddie James Project has dazzled crowds all across the country and has brought live performances to a new height! They’ve long been recognized as a powerful, dynamic show band. With a vast repertoire of Motown, R & B, Hip Hop and Soul, Freddie and his versatile team of musicians can expertly gauge any crowd and deliver an incredible musical and vocal performance every time. They perform all your favorite hits!

Frontman Freddie James is origninally from Chicago, Illinois and at an young age his family moved to Montreal, Canada where the start of a lusterous recording career started for himself and members of his family.


In 1977 Freddie James debut album (Warner Bros.) was certified Gold and Platinum all over the world. He enjoyed success with his hits “Hollywood”, “Dance Little Boy Blue” and especially “Get Up and Boogie” which made him the first artist to reach Gold status with dance music in Canada.  Amazingly, Freddie’s talents are not limited to his vocal and dancing abilities but he also co-wrote and co-produced his sister’s Roz of the group "Cheri" smash world-wide hit, “Murphy’s Law,  which sold over 1 Million copies.” His mother Geraldine Hunt also had a #1 Dance hit called “Can’t Fake The Feeling”.


Freddie James was also honored to be nonimated for a Juno Award (Canada's equivalent to a Grammy Award).The Freddie James Project continues to tour throughout Canada and the United States as various casinos, festivals and corporate event, but has accepted invitations over the years to perform in Japan, Africa, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia to name a few other countries. If you're looking for seasoned performers to spice up your event, Freddie James Project is the show for you!

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