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In the late 70's through the early 80's, all the brothers were born on the south side of Chicago,Illinois. Their family had a strong musical legacy that span the city. In 1986, their father formed "Phil Cohran and thE Youth Ensemble".


The eight brothers performed with their mothers, olderbrothers and sisters, as well as their father, Kelan Phil Cohran ( co-founder of AACM, Sun Ra'slead trumpeter, mentor to "the Pharoahs", later known as " Earth Wind and Fire"). The brother’sdecided not to present their original work in local club’s. They believed to become a force inmusic, performing in club’s would stifle their growth, and their talent needed proper cultivation.


So they began marketing and promoting in the shopping district of their hometown Chicago. Soonafter achieving success, and becoming a tourist attraction at popular spots within the Loop andWater Tower areas. The band began traveling to other cities, Los Angeles, New Orleans, but NewYork City enticed the brother’s the most.In 1999 the brothers combined their efforts and began performing a new style of brass musicthey called "Hypnotic".


After recording their first album "the Flipside" they won the 2001 CPSYoung Author's Award for the title track on the cd "Satin Sheets". This success propelled them onto perform for "WNUA Jazzin at the Lake", "State street Live", and "Metamorphosis of Jazz" all onbehalf of Chicago department of Tourism and Special Events. In 2005 Hypnotic released theirsophomore album "Jupiter" reeling off the success of the freshman LP's 325,000 units soldindependently (Merc Records).


They have traveled all over the world playing for audiences of all genres; opening up for the B52's at Chicago HOB, Talib Kweli at HaroldWashington Cultural Center, headlining along with Mos Def at Lincoln center in NY, and backingup Maceo Parker at Apollo Theater in Harlem. This talented family of performers wrote everysong on their sophomore release while at the same time recording collaborations with artists suchas GhostFace Killah and Tony Allen. Since then the band of brothers has released their third,and fourthLP independently with two 10 inch vinyls being distributed in Europe and Japan.

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