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Cirque iD consists of fourteen artists on stage, thirteen circus disciplines, and the discovery of a world which is new to us, that of  urban dances such as break-dance and hip-hop.

This show at the heart of a futuristic city, where the omnipresence of image causes us to lose our reference points. We  sought to create an aesthetic at the crossroads of comic books, science-fiction movies and the rich universe of graffiti. The decidedly rock, electronic and poetic music, coupled with the presence of video, highlight the show’s playful, energetic,  youthful and urban aspects. In the middle of this surreal megalopolis exists a public place. A public place, as a spot where one can seek refuge and escape  anonymity, to express one’s individuality and affirm one’s identity, in order to reclaim possession of public space, and to  dance the city…

An area for encounters, a site of passage, a hood where clans confront one another, where friendships are woven. Where  love is created, and dissolved. We invite you to join Cirque iD on this new adventure.

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