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Gavin and Lydia are Latin American & Ballroom Dance Sport professionals. Trained in the United Kingdom and based in Brisbane, they have represented Australia together on the competitive Dance Sport circuit since 1996. Their titles started at home as undefeated State Latin American Dance Champions, followed by success as Paris, Belgium, and Greater London Latin-American Dance Champions. They are the only professional Dance Sport couple in the world who have successfully merged the two amazing art forms of Dance and magical quick change costume transformations into a spectacular production.

Today, they are known as Mystique, the ‘world’s most unique magical dance act’. Mystique have captivated and flabbergasted audiences all over the globe. Featured on CNN’s Business Traveler & NBC Las Vegas – they captured the hearts of American audiences and were instantly quoted as ‘Spectacularly  Breathtaking!’ Not long after, Australia discovered them when they made their Australian TV debut in 2006 at the live and nationally televised ‘NRA Australian Fashion Design Awards’. They continued to be loved and applauded by Australian audiences on Simon Cowell’s international hit reality TV show ‘Australia’s Got Talent’, winning episode 5, and being the most talked about Grand Finalists in the season.

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